Wednesday, 21 November, 2018

'Shameless' Star Admits 'It's Hard To Be A Man These Days'

William H. Macy SAG Awards CREDIT John Salangsang REX Shutterstock
| 24 January, 2018, 08:49

"A bunch of guys got together under the auspices of Time's Up", Macy explained.

William continued: 'On one hand, in what we do for a living, we've got to be free to speak the unspeakable and try things, so I hope it doesn't throw a wet blanket on things, and I don't believe it will because half of the business is women and they're smart and they're hip. We're not going back.

Macy has opened up about the difficulties he feels men are facing in the wake of Hollywood's Time's Up movement. I'm really proud to be in this business, because I think showbiz will move with dispatch'. When it comes to equality in pay, it is inevitable. Men don't talk enough. "We talked. A little bit, what the hell, that can't hurt you". 'My hat's off to our business. He called out Shameless executive producer John Wells, in particular, for being proactive in making the show's cast and crew look like America. He did, however, also say that he had worked for and with a lot of women, and that he supports strides toward equal pay and treatment in his profession.

Macy claimed to see significant progress in gender equality in Hollywood, after collecting his statuette. I always have. Perhaps it's the projects I choose.

Wells and Macy both found themselves at the center of a public conversation around pay disparity for women two years ago, when Shameless star Emmy Rossum held up production on Season 8 of the Showtime series in pursuit of a higher salary than Macy, who plays her TV dad.

As for the award, his fourth Actor statuette and the third he's picked up for his role of a drunken, deadbeat dad of a wild family in "Shameless", Macy said it means a lot. Macy went on to point out that Rossum's character, Fiona, is truly the centre of the show. He said it was "really, really, really complicated" when he was asked what his advice to a young performer would be, vis a vis the changing winds in Hollywood. "It means that the people that mean the most to me, my fellow actors, dig what I do".

Watch Macy back stage at the SAG Awards in the video above.